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Oct. 15th, 2017 01:32 am
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yesterday was my mom's birthday. everyone say happy birthday, mom. :D yesterday was also [personal profile] desertport's birthday. everyone wish her a happy, too. cake for all!

dancing boys: *electric slide*

today i went to a housewarming/help-me-figure-out-where-to-hang-my-art party for [ profile] lbmango, and i could not get over his kitchen. it's so new! and freshly-painted! and should have more counter space! but mostly everything looks so new and renovated and it's just really nice. the whole place is really nice. it's the second floor of a house and the top floor used to be part of the same apartment, which i figured because there's a stairway in the bedroom closet. (it's closed off after maybe seven steps.) and there's a sauna in the kitchen. O.O i think it used to be the pantry - it's about the size of a largeish closet - and i think it's just so cool that it exists. i got to meet some of his friends and offer opinions on where to hang art, and it was fun.

after that my sister and i saw marshall, with chadwick boseman and josh gad, and i enjoyed it a lot. chadwick boseman is a good-looking dude. that's not why i enjoyed it, but it always helps to have something nice to look at.

and in conclusion, have a poem.

There is the question
of bearing witness, of being yourself seen
by yourself, & seen clearly, cleanly,
without weapon or bible in hand;
as this was the wish,
the sturdy & not-so-secret wish
of those who named us—

our parents wanted us to be
known to ourselves without confusion:
without judgment,
sans suffering. Never force it,
they said, always find it.

OK, strictly speaking, that’s not entirely true.
My particular, sole, insistent, moody mother & father
probably never thought much about it at all.
Those two anxious citizens,
they were never exemplars of patience.
The weightlessness of detachment & acceptance
as I think of it now
would have frightened them—
for good reason.

If you could see these words
I’m speaking to you tonight printed on a page
as typeface & magnified x 500
you would feel just how ragged & coarse
they really are, heavy.

Well, playing the part of a butterfly
must be tiring, right?
I’m happier being the old ox, right?

On some plane of existence
these two scraps are all my news:
where the mess is
that’s where my heart is.
--"Strictly Speaking", David Rivard
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What I just finished reading:
the killing moon, which i might have liked more than the hundred thousand kingdoms. there's a lot of really cool worldbuilding (based off ancient egypt and nubia) and i liked a lot of the characters and the religion and magic systems are neat altho it took probably most of the book for me to totally understand the mechanics of them. and i like that it's a fully-contained single story, even tho there's a second book in the series.

What I am reading now:
the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay, by michael chabon, because the only way it could be more in my wheelhouse would be if it was set in the 20s or mid-30s and had lots of cars. :D i mean, it's about nice jewish boys making comics in new york in the years of the american comic book's infancy. plus which, one of them's queer. :D

also i may or may not have read it before but never finished because i wanted to know what was going to happen but i didn't want to read straight through to find out, so i kept skipping ahead and eventually gave up. >.< i still can't believe i did that.

What I'm going to read next:
probably something i already own, altho i'm intrigued by sarah gailey's river of teeth because it's about an alternate america with hippos roaming louisiana. HIPPOS. don't tell me that's not intriguing.

in totally other news, i do expense reports at work for two of the tax partners, and one of them had two random fees on his business credit card (a delinquency fee and a late payment fee) that it turns out stem from an unpaid cab fare from... wait for it... april 2015. why is it just showing up now? who knows! apparently the cab fare has been showing up on every statement as a previous balance, but because the firm covers the credit card bill (because it's a firm card), the partner never actually sees the statements. so he never knew he had this unpaid cab fare from, let me remind you, two and a half years ago. there was much wtf and facepalming when someone at national hq explained to me what was going on.

look at these shoes. are these not fabulous shoes? they are fabulous shoes.

how do you feel about ancient lentils? have a fun and interesting article about ancient kurdish lentils that kindofsortof talks about how on this particular dig they're emblematic of when society started to become more stratified and less communal. there are lots and lots of lentils here.

footloose was on earlier and i could not get over how young everyone looked. sarah jessica parker was nineteen and she looked like a baby. it's such a cheesy movie but i still like it, and the scene where ren teaches willard how to dance is still adorable and fun.

oh and also supergirl is back

Oct. 10th, 2017 12:51 am
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happy thanksgiving (a day late >.< ) to the canadians in the audience! (i only know it was canadian thanksgiving because one of the women in my curling league mentioned last night that she was going out for dinner with her hubs, instead of cooking.)

also, we won. :D we had two people out and one sub in, and we won by kind of a lot altho i take no credit for it. hey, it was the first time i've played since april. i can be forgiven for missing a bunch of shots. it was fun, at least, and that's really all i ask.

i've started seeing trailers for thor: ragnarok and is it really going to be as deliberately cheesy and ott as it looks? because it looks cheesy and ott. i'm still all in. i mean, thor. :D and jeff goldblum. and cate blanchett.

my oatmeal raisin cookies came out super soft and faintly cinnamony and even tho the recipe says it makes four dozen, i only got three. next time i think i might bake them another minute - they're definitely cooked through but i think they could be a tch crisper. also i should've put more raisins in. but they're not bad for a recipe off the oatmeal canister, and in any case i have slightly less than three dozen cookies in my freezer and that makes me happy. so if you come over during the next week or so you can have some cookies. :D they're not pretty but i like how they taste.

the only problem with having all those cookies in the freezer is that i want to EAT ALL OF THEM.

norse history for bostonians - probably funnier if you can hear a strong boston accent as you're reading, but i was entertained.
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this morning i watched probably half of cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 which is FULL of food puns. over the closing credits they showed a matzo ball bull with carrots for horns, and a (human) matador with a red cape, in the matzo bowl. i shrieked with glee and almost fell off the couch. it's a very cute movie. i mean, the characters encounter a sasquash and flamangoes and a buffaloaf and watermelephants and wildebeets and a tacodile supreme (with a bunch of baby tacodiles) and shrimpanzees and a cheespider which is a cheeseburger with french fry legs that makes its webs out of, you guessed it, cheese. and there's a leek in the boat. i was kind of hungry by the time it was over. but if you're into food puns i recommend it.

this afternoon i went to ikea with [ profile] tamalinn and even tho i don't need or want to replace my dishes, i kind of wanted to get all new dishes in new and cute patterns. (i didn't. but i was tempted.) and i saw one of the former tax associates! she quit over the summer to go back to school, and she saw me and said hi and i said "you're out of context!" but it was nice to see her.

i love ikea. i just need to share.

we had meatballs for lunch and ice cream on the way out (i love a good soft-serve) and i kind of want dinner except i don't want to cook and so my options are limited. i think i'm going to have a cheese sandwich and bake cookies. my oatmeal is about to expire and i have half a box of raisins i want to use up.


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